Pascal Bournet

Guitariste :: Compositeur :: Arrangeur

Impressions d'Asie

Pascal Bournet - Christophe Delabre
A CD intended to sound illustration, Kosinus/ Kapagama
45 pieces pour the piano, cello, flute, guitar, violin et alto.


Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower - - Fleur de Jasmin
Pascal Bournet
Robert Le Gall (violin - baglama - mandolin)
CD Mandala/Harmonia Mundi
World Music
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When a classical guitar falls in love with Chinese folk music, when their fusion gives rise to resonance between two cultures, when age-old strings resonate beyond traditions. When Sound becomes Music.
Here, by way of celebrating the opening up to the world of this great millenial country, Pascal Bournet offers us 16 musical pieces representing several Chinese provinces, all performed on the guitar and in certain cases accompanied by a violin.
Here, in keeping with the spirit of his previous albums, the register of his favourite instrument finds an original opening.

Patrick Raveau




1. Fleur de Jasmin 4’21 trad./Pascal Bournet
2. Mélancolie 2’44 Pascal Bournet
3. A la riviere Qin 2’06 trad./Pascal Bournet
4. Sourire de bouddha 1’09 Pascal Bournet
5. Danse de printemps 2’03 Pascal Bournet
6. Neige du matin 3’15 Pascal Bournet
7. Bleu de Chine 3’42 Pascal Bournet
8. Danse des Li 2’35 trad./Pascal Bournet
9. La Tablette d’or 1’55 trad./Pascal Bournet
10. Paradis terrestre 2’14 trad./Pascal Bournet
11. L’amour est une fleur de Dama 3’23 trad./Pascal Bournet
12. Offre moi une rose 2’04 trad./Pascal Bournet
13. Cloches dans un monastère 3’31 trad./Pascal Bournet
14. Asphodèle 2’31 Robert Le Gall
15. Chao Yuen Qu 3’04 trad./Pascal Bournet
16. Fleur de Jasmin (vers.2) 2’06 trad./Pascal Bournet
  Durée totale : 42’47

Compositions and arrangements : Pascal Bournet (except N°14, Robert Le Gall)
Pascal Bournet : guitars, percussions, glock
Robert Le Gall : violin, baglama, mandolin in N° 1, 3, 11, 14 et 15
Recorded and mixed in : studio 78 (Aigremont), 2005

Our thanks to   (Dr Phan Chau) for his valuable advices.