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         The CD Tango Paris-Buenos Aires (by it now) will be available in June 2015
         Pascal Bournet (guitar), Corinne Basseux (violin), Cindy Descamps (clarinet)
                             compositions by Adrien Politi ,Astor Piazzzolla and Patrick Bournet
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Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) who has now become a classic used to say: “When you create you need to have a style of your own. Without style there is no music”. The other two composers I have chosen to be with him in the programme don’t prove him wrong.
Adrien Politi (1957) an Argentinian guitarist and composer, who was born in Rosario and now lives in Paris, has created his own style in this trend: a sophisticated and less dramatic expression which is easier to get into.
Patrick Bournet (1966) a French guitarist and composer, who was born in Paris and has lived in Buenos Aires, has his own approach too with a more impressionistic writing.
What the three of them have in common is to integrate some jazz and some neoclassical or traditional music in their compositions. I have arranged Astor Piazzolla’s works, originally written for his quinteto, for clarinet and guitar or violin and guitar.
.                                       Pascal Bournet